February 28, 2010

[twenty eighth]

Bulk Valentine's Day Conversation Beans for $1.99 from Central Market :)

Written March 9, 2010

February 27, 2010

[twenty seventh]

It was late, I was falling asleep to the olympics, this gnome was staring me in the face, and I needed to snap a pic quick before my 24 hours were up.  This is the result.  It's also the first photo I took with my phone.  It was also my mama's bday :)

Written March 9, 2010

February 26, 2010

[twenty sixth]

Little Coops couldn't get enough of this huge, white, packaging fabric that had come with a roll of memory foam.  He's always hard to see in pictures because he's so dark, but the white added the perfect backdrop to see him in.

Written March 9, 2009

February 25, 2010

[twenty fifth]

I had to cheat a little bit with this photo.  See, the photo of the photo was taken on Feb. 27, but I took the photo shown in my phone on Feb. 25.  I had to take a photo of the photo, because I had gotten a new phone and lost sending service on my old phone before texting this picture to B to send to me (what a confusing sentence).  

The photo is of a midday snack at work.  It's half a toasted pita with melted cheese on top.  I thought it looked like an ear when I pulled it from the toaster oven.  I should have named it Van Gogh.

Written March 9, 2009

February 24, 2010

[twenty fourth]

I could not for the life of me remember why I had diced these peppers.  At first I thought it was for a white chili I'd made in my slow cooker, but that wasn't that recent.  Then I thought it was for a salad, but I haven't married my lettuce and peppers in quite some time.  I was about to write that I remembered they were for a batch of sweet and sour chicken I'd whipped up, but that's not right either! So in conclusion, I have no idea why I chopped these peppers.  This is why I need to update more regularly.

Written March 9, 2010

February 23, 2010

[twenty third]

Lying on my bed, updating the blog, and watching the Olympics.  

While watching women's figure skating, I have to say, Kim Yu-Na is like 86% Leann Rimes.

[twenty second]

"Which flavors did you get?" Result of Feb. 21's photo.

[twenty first]

Outrageous deal on B&J's!!!!!!!!!!!


My camera was playing tricks on me this day.  The above photo looked dull in the playback but the colors popped when I uploaded it. The photo of the oatmeal cookies I baked that was going to be my pic of the day looked fine in playback, but were super blurry on the computer.  

The weather in the area had been beautiful and I felt compelled to get at least one picture with the sun in it--glad this one came out :)


Olive oil bottle in B's kitchen.


No, no, not a shameless Coke plug -- this is from the aluminum Coca Cola bottle my mom bought for me in Vancouver months before the Olympics.  It's smaller than your typical bottle (if those are typical anymore), lightweight, spotted with illustrations of winter sports and just darn cute.  I can't believe I didn't drink it earlier, but since I've been watching more Olympics this year than ever before, the timing felt right to finally crack the seal.


This is part of design of the Feist poster that hangs in my apartment.  I love the colors and it adds some joy to my living room. 



The orchid lights in the living room...it's been a slow photo week.


This is the first time I've used all four burners at once.  Clockwise from bottom right corner: water attempting to boil for steamed carrots, basmati rice, sauteed onions, boiling lentils!

February 16, 2010


B gave me a lovely Valentine's Day.  In the morning, I was led to the kitchen to see this plate of cuteness and tastiness working together in harmony :) It was a beautiful day.

To continue with this ooey, gooey, ushy, gushiness, I noted some of my favorite love songs I've heard in the past year while browsing through my iTunes library and elsewhere.  There are songs about love between significant others, love for family, songs about love sought and others of love found. 

Sister - Dave Matthews


Homemade meatball sub.  'Nuff said.


Here's the Valentine that never came to fruition.  It was just too girly for a boy and had too much empty space -- I did however salvage the teapot and teacups I'd cut so meticulously from paper that were once glued to the card above.  Those pieces are on my fridge now :)


Haagen Dazs Five Vanilla Bean is hands down the best vanilla ice cream I've ever had.  This was Thursday's dessert of mango and ice cream.  It was good, but the sweetness of the mango was completely masked by the sugary goodness of the Five.


A long time ago, I thought I could handle Altoids pretty triumphantly.  Recently, I can handle them as well as David Hasselhoff can handle his liquor (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x30kYRp6Y68) -- meaning not well.  I can barely consume a Peppermint Small! I think they do wonders for my breath, but I might stick to gum.  

This is a pic of B's Altoids collection.


I wasn't inspired by too much on Feb. 9th I guess.  These are a pair of Andrew Bird-ish socks my dad bought for me for $2 at Old Navy years and years ago. I bet I could tell you where every piece of clothing came from in my closet.

February 8, 2010


I relaxed with a mug of warm chai this evening.  My dad sent the mug to me with my mom last week as a forgotten Christmas gift.  The cardboard box it came in had funny notes on it like, "Late but still cool." Always the witty man :)

It's a Life is Good mug.  Last night and into this morning I was stressing out and worrying big time and would not have attested to the mug's printed phrase.  Tonight though, heavy eyelids from last night's lack of sleep are all that remain.  I've tried to shake all the negativity and concern. 

It's often so much easier for me to complain than find the joy in things.  As I've grown up, I've learned to appreciate my life more and to be happy with all that I have in the present.  Recently, when I've felt jealousy, spite, worry, or other feelings of negativity, I ask myself if in five years, do want to look back on that part of my life and only remember anger or anxiety? Not really.  It can be a struggle sometimes, but I always know I can pick myself up again, especially when I have the help of supportive friends and family :)


Made guacamole sort of because I wanted it but also because it felt appropriate on Super Bowl Sunday.  It was yummers on my cheese quesadilla.


Photo to come: Learning how to retrive it from my cell phone.


I nearly missed a photo for Feb. 5th! After this, we watched Rashomon - my first Kurosawa film.  I managed to fall asleep in the last three minutes....go me.


 Warm toes in our Smart Wool socks + 30 Rock = a perfect Thursday night.


A funky looking meal? Yes. A delicious dinner? Most definitetly. This was a collaborative dinner effort: B made the yummy lentils and basmati rice and I supported the tortilla and fried egg idea.  I'm assuming B was in charge of cheese.  My favorite part of this photo is how almost perfectly the fried egg maps onto the tortilla!


Today I jogged three miles. This is the longest I have ever jogged before and I am feeling pretty great about myself and my endurance! I thought about taking a picture of my running shoes or my sweaty clothes, but both seemed a little boring and one was kinda gross.  Instead I took a positive-feeling pic, quite obviously, of my desk calendar and thumbs-up photo/business card holder.


My mama bought me some tulips while I was away in California. I love her :)  They're lovely purple, pink and red - it's like Easter in February!