April 30, 2010


The ferry ride

Originally written on 7.13.10

[twenty ninth]

B was looking up Simon & Garfunkel tickets when this photo was taken.  I tried to get a picture of the outrageous triple digit ticket prices, but instead embarrassingly snapped the dirty state of my computer screen.

Originally written on 7.13.10

[twenty eighth]

Diving into a new food endeavor, I cooked asparagus for the first time.  Going off cooking demonstration memories of numerous hours of Food Network watching, I sauteed the stalks in a simple olive oil, salt and pepper mixture until they were slightly browned on each side.  I served them on a bed of spaghetti with grated parm.  Yummers!

Originally written on 7.13.10

[twenty seventh]

Not my fridge :)

Originally written on 5.18.10

[twenty sixth]

Such an amazing flavor: Caramel Ginger Snap

Originally written on 5.18.10

[twenty fifth]

Spinach and mushroom scramble, hash browns and turkey sausage breakfast

Originally written on 5.18.10

[twenty fourth]


Originally written on 5.18.10

[twenty third]

Russell Brand was on campus and I felt like a paparazzi.

Originally written on 5.18.10

[twenty second]

Still reading... 
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[twenty first]

 Acrylic flowers
Originally written on 5.18.10


Fridge magnet from K

Originally written on 5.18.10


They give us those nice bright colors
They give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah
I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So Mama don't take my Kodachrome away"

Originally written on 5.18.10


I cannot take credit for the above photo, it's all B.  This was a day that began with a purpose, but when that fell through, it then became one of exploration.  Completely brilliant day.

Originally written on 5.18.10


Apple and rhubarb crumble.  
First time cooking with rhubarb.

Originally written on 5.18.10


I remember being bundled up my winter jacket watching rollerbladers, joggers, and mothers with strollers breeze past me while I sat at a park bench at the lake.  Managed to snag a picture in between lake-goers.

Originally written on 5.18.10


Cookie fortunes.



Originally written 5/7/10


I've had the same measuring cups for about four years.  They've helped make numerous batches of cookies, layers of cake and various other baking successess and mishaps.  Along the way however, the measurements printed in ink on the handles rubbed off and I lost my 1/3 cup at some point.  I finally decided to invest in a new bunch of meauring cups and found the perfect ones.  The newbies have the measurements engraved and even include 2/3 and 3/4 cups! Goodbye, fraction math!

Originally written 5/7/10


Came across this button-less signal near downtown. 

I lie, there was a button on the otherside.

Originally written 5/7/10


Blueberry and banana pancakes on a Sunday morning.  I've definitely eaten more pancakes this year than any other in my lifetime, probably the result of lazier mornings, a personal kitchen, and an affinity for taking the time to prepare a hearty breakfast.  

Originally written 5/7/10


Friends of the pancake.

Originally written 5/7/10


I know the photo I chose wasn't officially taken on April 9th, but I really prefer it to my actual April 9th photo.  These are homemade cheesecake brownies I made for a work party. Somehow I always have the ambition to cooking a whole new recipe for work, which may not be the best idea since everyone will experience my first attempt.  Luckily, these came out well and smelled deeeeelightful! Next time I'd leave out about half the cream cheese because the topping was a little too dense and omit the chocolate chips, but good overall. 

For good measure, below is the actual April 9th photo.

Originally written 5/6/10

April 28, 2010


Half full


These dry soups are actually pretty good!


Tuesday night trivia with brains fueled by ice water and jelly beans.


I thought Easter candy discounts was a good thing, but I went overboard this year.  See that purple Crunch egg up there? Yeah, I had to force myself to donate him and his buddies to work for the sake of my health. 


Although I felt like one of only a handful of 20-somethings I know dying Easter eggs this year, it didn't stop me from breaking out not only one, but TWO coloring kits.  Thanks to a tip from K, I refrained from getting a glitter kit because you'll end up with a sparkly tongue from some stray glitter getting your shell-less egg.

I finally remembered to use white vinegar with the dye pellets and it definitely made for some bright shells! Above are B's eggs mingling with mine :)


Experimenting with glass. 


Best when dry.


My April 1st batch of photos were pretty unflattering...

This April Fool's, I made a fool out of five people - my best effort ever! I know it's not very nice to trick someone, but this is the one day I can do it without feeling too guilty.  Plus, my jokes are usually silly, no-hurt-feelings-intended kind of jokes like, "My dad is going to buy an iguana."  However, it's one thing to trick five people one time and another to trick one person five times.  I learned my lesson this year to quit while I'm ahead :P