February 8, 2010


I relaxed with a mug of warm chai this evening.  My dad sent the mug to me with my mom last week as a forgotten Christmas gift.  The cardboard box it came in had funny notes on it like, "Late but still cool." Always the witty man :)

It's a Life is Good mug.  Last night and into this morning I was stressing out and worrying big time and would not have attested to the mug's printed phrase.  Tonight though, heavy eyelids from last night's lack of sleep are all that remain.  I've tried to shake all the negativity and concern. 

It's often so much easier for me to complain than find the joy in things.  As I've grown up, I've learned to appreciate my life more and to be happy with all that I have in the present.  Recently, when I've felt jealousy, spite, worry, or other feelings of negativity, I ask myself if in five years, do want to look back on that part of my life and only remember anger or anxiety? Not really.  It can be a struggle sometimes, but I always know I can pick myself up again, especially when I have the help of supportive friends and family :)

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