May 30, 2010


Two words. VOODOO DONUTS.  After hearing rave reviews of this confectionery over the years, we knew the long line wrapping around the fried dough and frosting landmark in the afternoon the day before was for something special.  We arrived first thing in the morning and bought a pink box full of sugary goodness.  B got the signature Voodoo Doll and a Memphis Mafia and I went for the Mango Tango and Miami Vice Berry (below).  In addition to their revolving case of donuts, I was impressed by the cruller chandelier (above).

The donuts gave us lots of energy to drive out of the city and hike up a trail in Bridal Veil.  We crossed forest floors covered in leaves and mud and jagged, rocky paths to reach the peak.

This beautiful landscape greeted us. 

Perfect ending to a perfect trip 

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