March 9, 2010


And so begins a series (as in two) of photos where I spontaneously snapped things that looked slightly interesting.  Light switch in B's room.

B and I went to see the Oscar-nominated animated shorts and they were good.  I espeically liked the new Wallace and Gromit short and laughed pretty hard at Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping BeautyLogorama was very impressive though and worthy of the Oscar it won.

Just as entertaining as the shorts was the conversation that happened behind us before the show:
Girl: I saw Shutter Island.
Boy: Oh, how was it?
Girl: It was really great actually, I enjoyed it.  I usually don't like Scorsese films.
Boy: (utter shock) You don't like Scorsese?
Girl: Nah, I don't like his lighting, characters, etc.
Boy: So you're telling me you didn't like Apocalypse Now?
Girl: Ehhh...
Boy: You didn't like Apocalypse Now?! I don't think we can be friends.
Text from B: "Apocalypse Now is Coppola"

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