March 9, 2010


Went to the zoo with good friends Jandy today :) It was a bit chilly out and we got there right when the park opened.  Contrary to some information that animals are more active in the morning and the cold, we saw a very sleepy wild kingdom.  Sleepy gorillas, tired hippos, snoring tigers.  The river otters, giraffe, and penguins were active and entertaining though.  

This mountain goat was like 60% Donald Sutherland.

We went into the budgie house full of budgies, gray and white cockatiels, and colorfol parrots.  At one point, a bunch of the birds started flying in a united swarm around the room and I was sure I'd be pooped on - but I was lucky.

We also went into a tropical house full of plants and exotic birds. I was so happy there were several warm exhibits to walk into because I was feeling like a popsicle outside - A's glasses can atest to the temperature change inside! I think the bird portion of this house was my favorite place -- it was warm, filled with foliage and you really felt like you were in the rainforest canopy.  The birds aren't overly squaky and they're harder to spot.  When you do see one, it's amazing to know such color combinations exist in nature.

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