March 31, 2010

[twenty ninth]

Oh, this brings back such discouraging and hilarious memories.  I was psyched all day to be making a pineapple upside down cake in the the evening.  Why? Why not! It's such an easy dessert if you just use a yellow cake mix and the flipping element is totally awesome. I even went a step further with this cake - I cut up the pineapple rings into fourths and made a flower blossoming design in the warm caramel topping. I was even playing Hawaiian music during this cake's preparation.

I foolishly used my spring form pan thinking it would make it easier to release the cake.  This only caused some of the caramel topping to spill out from the pan, so I put a baking sheet under the spring form to catch the topping during the baking process.  When the oven timer dinged, I grabbed one side of the baking sheet with one oven mitt and watched in horror as the cake slid in the opposite direction and spill its undone bits all over the 325 degree heating coils.  Smoke started to billow up, the smell of burning sugar filled my kitchen and my hopes for a cute dessert were popped. 

B and I managed to salvage some of the batter and, after cleaning the coils, tried to rebake the remains. We managed to get something that slightly resembled a cake out of our efforts.  To mask it's sad appearance we piled our servings with mounds of ice cream.  I have never felt so sick from sugar after that dessert.  Worst part was that we had to eat the cake right-side-up.

Written on 4/15/10

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