January 19, 2010


Spontaneously, I searched "best chocolate cookie recipe ever" on google.  I was craving a cookie and had an urge to bake so after some brief browsing, I chose this recipe. The writer is adamant about adding sea salt and I followed the recipe exactly, or so I thought.  Apparently coarse salt isn't sea salt :-/ Despite biting into occasional salt bunches that made me think I was chomping on a salty eggshell,   I could tell why someone would deem these best ever - they were crispy and thick on the outside and perfectly soft within.

I attempted to form a couple heart-shaped cookies but admit that they didn't quite bake that way.  One wanted so badly to be a round cookie like his buddies, a very obese round cookie.  The other (seen here) was a tad more appreciative of my goal and kept a lopsided heart shape.  A little nibbling about the sides got it to look how I wanted. 

Initially I placed this heart cookie on a small plate and shot the photo from a bird's eye view, but it looked lonely and boring.  Instead, I opened a bag of unused gingerbread house candy and put it behind the cookie for visual interest.  I quite like the result.

I heard a song on a commercial this evening that I remember previewing last week from the Youth in Revolt soundtrack.  It's pretty cute and appropriate for this photo.

"When U Love Somebody" - Fruit Bats

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