January 27, 2010

[twenty sixth]

Last night, the plan was to go out with a few good friends to a local restaurant for their trivia night.  Unfortunately, that plan didn't materialize because 1) Our intended trivia destination was full and 2) The back-up trivia had already started.  Instead, we chose to go to one of our favorite eateries: Old Spaghetti Factory.  We made it to the restaurant before it closed despite direction disagreements and stopping to check the curious sound of screeching metal coming from the car.  Our waiter sounded exactly like the host of Cash Cab.  I was really hoping our table would light up and our waiter would say, "Ok, ready for the first $25 question?" I suppose I was still in the mood for trivia. It was good to see old friends again to reminisce, swap stories about crazies on the buses, and dish on the latest celebrity gossip. 

At OSF, the paper placemats feature photos of many of their locations.  My intended photo was to be of my used butterknife sitting next to the tiny image of our restaurant, but since the restaurant was dimly lit, I couldn't take an ideal photo.

We got lost on the ride back home and so drove through Downtown at night.  It's always intriguing to see the empty city at night where the manholes are steaming and men are pressure spraying the streets. I took pictures from the car and noticed this glass sculpture perched on the corner of a shop awning.  I'd never seen it before and could only make out much of what this photo captures, so I'd like to see it again in daylight.  This is the first completely out-of-focus photo I've posted.  I like the mystery that creates.

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