January 31, 2010

[thirty first]

Our final day together took K and I to the sea. It was good to hear crashing waves again.

After some long decision making, we decided to go to Laguna Beach.  It was an absolute beautiful day -- clear skies, warm weather, a slight breeze.  We spent about two hours on the beach soaking up the sun, looking out towards the horizon, and taking an outrageous number of pictures.

We walked along the streets of Laguna and bought a fruit tart with kiwi slices and blueberries at a small bakery.   We ate at a Taco Bell with a vintage sign for lunch.  T-Bell never disappoints :)

I had such a great time with K -- a weekend completely full of laughter, music, food, memories, and spontaneous dancing.  I hope an adventure in the PNW is in our near future!

Written 2/6/10

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Diane said...

awww...lov to look at the sea