January 24, 2010

[twenty third]

It was particulary hard to choose one photo for this day.  This is why I found it necessary to include a couple Honorable Mentions below.  I picked the photo above because I found it the most visually interesting - the architecture, the reflection in the lamp and glass building, the unusually clear blue sky on a January day in Seattle.  B and I were heading home after an eventful day together when I took the photo:

We burned some calories with a morning jog and headed downtown for a quick lunch and our first trip to the SAM.  We saw the special exhibit of Michelangelo's public and private works.  It was amazing to see his original sketches for a few of the bodies painted on the Sistine Chapel and how effortless they looked.

The SAM was also featuring the photography of Imogen Cunningham. I liked many of her portraits and seeing how she played with light.  This photograph I was especially fond of because it makes we wonder about what was happening during this shoot: Was the couple posing? Is the woman tired? Are they being affectionate? What is she doing with her hands? Something more superficial that gets me is the woman's hair looks like a style from today, so I was surprised the photo was taken in 1922.

(left) The sunlight was beaming down on our faces and glinting off of B's crystal blue eyes.  Although that's not pictured here, it's what I remember when I see this photo.  The photo captures a certain moment in time, but evokes a different one in my mind.

(right) That evening, B and I passed by a local restaurant.  We came across this lonely onion ring sitting on a post. 

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